Guidelines for OFRW Distribution of
Campaign Funds to Candidates

Candidates must have provided all pertinent information to the Dawn Cash, Campaign Activities Chair, 900 David Road, Moore, OK, 73142-8510, 405-895-6377, no later than August 15 of the pertinent year. 
(Deadline was extended to August 22, 2002.) 

Contact: OFRW President, 580-234-4977

1. The candidate must have attended a campaign school sponsored by an official Republican Party organization or auxiliary.  [Incumbents seeking reelection are exempt.]

2. The candidate must provide all ethics reports of current campaign.

3. The candidate must provide evidence of a campaign organization to include a campaign manager and/or treasurer, neither of which may be the candidate.

4. The Committee must
a) consult with state party officials regarding each candidate considered and
b) consult with the appropriate county officials (local women's club or county leadership) to determine which candidates have the best chance of winning if given additional funds from OFRW.

5. Issues to be considered by the Committee:

Recommendations of both state and party leadership.
The candidate's proven fundraising efforts.
The candidate's involvement with and/or support of OFRW and its associated clubs.

6. The OFRW is not registered with the Federal Ethics Commission (FEC) and, therefore, cannot legally give funds to Federal candidates.

Note:  The OFRW does not have the resources to give to each and every Statewide, House or Senate candidate.  As directed by the By-laws and NFRW guidelines, our organization is not the fundraising arm of the Republican party, but will assist our candidates with funds as are available.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to contribute to any candidate in city or county races, or for primary races.

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